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Does digital altitude work?

Digital altitude was created from Michael Forrest to his Internet marketer himself. He is working to try to get affiliate programs in the past and has had great success. He’s also been a coach to other people helping them create 6 to 7 figure success with Internet marketing. He has created a system called digital altitude.

Is Digital Altitude Hype?

Does digital altitude work?

Yes digital altitude works. It is a system in place that has a high compression rate. A lot of people have in having success about it. That is what has been getting it to go viral. The main thing that comes to people’s success online. It’s their mindset. Digital altitude has the products to teach the growth and help you with that. You get your own personal coach. And then if you sign up with a team you get team hangouts other members and coaches from your up line.


Digital altitude product review:

Is Digital Altitude Hype?
– With aspire you get digital business training videos such as start up, set up, and promotion.
– Private digital coaches – access to live coaches
– Sales funnel. This sales funnel is a high converting sales funnel
– Follow up email sequences. No more guessing what to send Digital Altitude provides you with the exact email sequences that have been working
– Backend products – no worrying about creating your own products, digital altitude has it all for you so you can start earning commissions right away.
– Payroll. No worrying about accounting, funding, and cashflow Digital Altitude provides this for you.
– Community. When  you join Digital Altitude you join a community of everyone else as well as leaders to support you along the way.

Aspire has different levels :

Aspire Walker – This is $37 per month
With Aspire walker Digital Altitude you make 40% commission, 1 tier payout, start up  videos.

Aspire Hiker: 67 per month
Digital Altitude aspire hiker yo earn 50% commission, 2 tier payout, weekly training, monthly conference calls, sales funnels, life coaches

Aspire Climber: 127 per month
Up to 60% commission, 3 tier payout system, plus all the stuff from hiker and walker level.

Digital altitude affiliate membership is $17 per month

Base Membership of Digital Altitude is a one time fee of 597 per month:

In the base membership you will recieve 3 sections called prepare, launch, and grow.

The videos consist of:
setting business goals, preparing for success
business planning, business banking
Branding and Design
Building web presence
Traffic And conversions
How to launch your business
Social Media Campaigns
Secrets to drive results
Optimize your business
Team profits
Built a Tribe
Build an automation system

Rise from Digital Altitude is $1997 one time. It consist of:
Create a brand name
fundamental mindset
create a buzz
80/20 rule can set you free
identify emotions for buying triggers
attract the consumer
digital response
direct response
educational marketer
create a desire
create a tripwire
discover secrets behind high converting funnels
get personalized with your list
create killer copy that will sell
create ads to boost your sales
how to partner with others
create referrals

Ascend from Digital Altitude it is 9,997 one time and comes with:

Top 5 profitable traffic sources
Strategies to Scale
7 Figure Conversion hacks
3 funnels
personal braining
story telling
finding the guru in you
how to master video
increase conversions with analytics
create content
Building a team

Apex is 16,997 one time:

It comes with:

How to become financially free
Diversified income streams
Building cash flow
Building streams of cash flow
Securing your retirement income
Investing your funds
How to beat wall street
Financial IQ
Leverage Secrets
Inner game of wealth
How to stay wealthy
The law of Attraction
Win the credit score game
How to create your own bank account
Create a tax free retirement
Hot to use IRAs
Asset protection
Legal tax strategies
Rising real estate


How Digital Altitude Compensation Plan Works:

Aspire Digital Altitude:
Walker $37 per month earn 40% on 1 tier:
•    Tier 1:  40$ = $15 per month commissions.
Hiker $67 per month earn 50% on 2 tiers
•    Tier 1:  40% = $27 per month commission
•    Tier 2:  10% = $7 per month commission
Climber $127 per month earn 60% on 3 tiers
•    Tier 1:  45% =  $76 per month commission
•    Tier 2:  10% = $13 per month commission
•    Tier 3:  5% = $6 per month commission
Compensation Plan is a 3 tier:
•    Tier 1:  45% Commissions (Your personally enrolled members)
•    Tier 2:  10% Commissions (Your Tier 1’s enrolled members)
•    Tier 3:  5% Commissions (Your Tier 2’s enrolled members)
Overall across 3 tiers, it pays 60%.

Keep in mind to get PAID across ALL 3 Tiers with the CORE products below, you must be at the CLIMBER level.

Base:  You earn 60% commissions over three tiers which is $240 per sale on your Tier 1.  If the need help closing the sale by a client for life coach, take off 20%.

Rise:  You earn 60% commission over three tiers which is $1200 per sale (T1: $900, T2: $200, T3: $100).  If you need help closing the sale by a client for life coach, take off 20% off tier 1.

Ascend:  You earn 60% commissions over three tiers which is $6000 per sale (T1: $4,500, T2: $1000,T3: $500).  If you need help closing the sale by a client for life coach, take off 20% off Tier 1.

Peak:  You earn 60% commissions over three tiers which is $10200 per sale (T1: $7650, T2: $1,700, T3: $850).  if you need help closing the sale by a client for life coach, take off 20% off Tier 1.

Apex:  You earn 60% commissions over three tiers making you $16,800 per sale (T1: $12,600, T2: $2,800, T3: $1,400).  If your coach closed the sale, take off 20% off Tier 1.

There is one condition, you must own the level to earn a commission on it.  If you don’t own it your upline sponsor gets the commission.


Is Digital Altitude Hype or Legit?

Digital Altitude is legit, it is a high converting sales funnel that a lot of people have been generating income off of. Everything is one for you. You just have to feed the system traffic which is taught through out the training and the coaches help you with it. You don’t have to have a large amount of money like franchises do and you have coaches to help you any minute.

I recommend trying it out so you get a feel and see if it the right decision for you.

Try Digital Altitude for $1

If you have any questions about Digital Altitude contact me!

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