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Expanding your business with SEO

Expanding your business with SEO by Chelsea Marie

I see so many websites with no search engine optimization techniques applied. People are putting in so much time for their business, their website, and blogs when just making a few changes by applying seo could help their business tremendously.

What does seo do?
SEO can help provide organic traffic, people that are actually looking for what your providing.
How to start SEO:
1. Know the keywords you want to rank for
Then search the keywords using google keyword planner. The best way to start is to find keywords with low competition this is the easiest way to rank, then place these keywords throughout your blog. This is now called step 2. On page SEO

Then 3. Off page seo
Off page seo is going to be links pointing to your website, so syndicating your website out to different sources will help with this.
Remember when applying seo to expand your business you must do it consistently and it will take time but its worth it.

More traffic = more sales so apply seo.

Heres a free course explaining more of it!


Article: Expanding your business with SEO

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