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Grow Your Business using Twitter

Grow Your Business using Twitter


Twitter is an important social media platform to be on if you have a business. Many get on twitter to read the news, or catch up quickly on their interest. That means the newsfeed goes fast! It’s on of the fastest newsfeed platforms. So you want to be posting frequently if you have a business.


One interesting thing about twitter is it only allows 140 characters! Not a lot at all so your keywords you use in there need to be important and get to the point. If possible use hashtags before the keywords this is because anyone that searches the keywords on google at the time of the post they may be seeing that post by searching so people can find you.


Tips when creating your twitter profile:


Have a name that represents your brand – so it can be your company name, your name, and make sure the profile image represents your brand.


Build a relationship with your followers on twitter! This is to build your fans, and potential customers! Like their stuff, comment, message, tweet to them! This will build that relationship and engagement on twitter.


Use your twitter!

This is key for a business to be posting and interacting on a continuous basis to build your brand, business, and customers!

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