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How to make money blogging

How to make money blogging by Chelsea Marie

Many people hear they can make money blogging and think cool I’ll start, they then start blogging daily to see nothing….

The key to making money blogging is to generate leads every day.

Pick a topic, interest, hobby, passion that you want to write about. Make sure it stays consistent and you are blogging consistently.

Make sure your website is set up properly to collect the leads and direct the prospect to calls of actions along your website.

Use affiliate links, in order to generate money you must have something to sell. So using affiliate links in keywords can generate money

Promote – Make sure you promote your blog with free and paid marketing strategies.

Now you know how to make money blogging online. If you haven’t started your blog yet and your looking for a great way to generate leads, kalatu blog is the way to go. You can check it out more here.

Stay with it. It usually takes 3 months blogging consistently to start to see results. Work on getting up to 100 + blog post to help kickstart traffic for your blog.


Article: How to make money blogging

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