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Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing contains paid and free strategies
in order to scale your business you must be placing valuable engaging content
and work on continuing to build your follow.

Social media marketing is key because that is where most of your potential costumers are on! Each social media platform is different, some are better based off of your target market or industry. We specialize in facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube, and linkedin. We create content for these platforms, graphics, set up the platforms, engagement, and work on building traffic, or running ads.

Tactics for each Social Media Platform

Facebook Marketing :

  • Create Fan Page
  • Post Content
  • Engage With Fans
  • Engage with Target Market
  • Share content in targeted groups
  • Target Your Facebook Ads
  • Link Surveys Back To CRM
  • Start a Private Group of Clients and Experts
  • Connect With Prospects in Groups

Instagram Marketing:

  • Increase Organic Targeted Followers
  • Commenting on post
  • Following and Unfollowing Users
  • Engage with targeted post
  • Direct Messaging
  • Posting Content

LinkedIn Marketing:

  • Create LinkedIn Account
  • Build a Network
  • Post Content
  • Leverage LinkedIn Endorsements
  • Participate Strategically in LinkedIn Groups
  • Join Targeted Groups

Twitter Marketing:

  • Share valuable content
  • Use keywords in your tweets
  • Share links to useful content
  • Connect with the right targeted people and tweet with them
  • Apply hashtag research
  • Cultivate relationships
  • Engage with your audience
  • Share links back to your website for list-building

Google Plus :

  • Create Google Plus Account
  • Organize Connections with Circles
  • Post Consistently and Optimize for SEO
  • Use Hashtags That Are Relevant To Your Content
  • Use And Engage In Google+ Communities.
  • Use G+ Events To Promote Hangouts, Launches, Etc.
  • Use Images To Inform And Educate (Tips, Infographics, Slides)
  • Participate In Conversations
  • Re-share Your Best Post On Other Social Networks To Increase Your reach
  • Connect Your Content With Current G+ Trends

Pinterest Marketing:

  • Set Up a Pinterest Business Page
  • Create unique boards
  • Quality Images
  • Make Your Images Shareable
  • Add urls to post
  • Detailed Descriptions
  • Interact with your Pinterest friends
  • Engage in target market with conversation
  • Gain followers

Youtube Marketing:

  • Create Attractive title
  • Attractive Thumbnails
  • Write description/ Place Links
  • TAGS/Keywords
  • Get More Video Views From Online Targeted Communities
  • Engage your audience
  • Share your Video on Social Media

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