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Rank your blog post!

Did you know you can rank your blog post? Yes, just apply seo to it! So you can rank multiple pages, multiple keywords in google or the search engines. SEO stands for search engine optimization. You can rank your website, amazon, youtube, etc in the search engines.


Seo has a process the start is on page seo. This is plugging in the keywords in the backend of your website. These are such as meta tags, meta titles, keywords, meta descriptions. Once this is in place you then do…


Off page seo, which is continuous till you get the ranking place you want to be then it may be maintaining it some. Off page seo is building links pointing them back to your website in a tier system. When you do this you use certain backlinks based off of your niche and what you want to rank for and you also use certain keywords.


I help many businesses with seo, so if you have questions be sure to reach out!



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