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How sales funnels work

How sales funnels work


I love explaining and helping businesses with sales funnels. A sales funnel is the process you send your customers in order to convert them into a sale. You may have also heard it called marketing funnel or sales process.


You start with a capture page, which is a page that you are able to capture a users name and email in order to follow up with them and you give them something in return. These pages are really simple, not a lot of buttons, so the user acts to the capture page. Videos with a email sign up area is a great simple example of a capture page.


Once you have this you send them through a funnel which is a sales process. You start to brand, build a relationship by emailing them interest that will solve their issues and retarget to build the brand with ads.


The sales funnel can be multiple emails that serve a purpose to drive the user into a customer and then a lifetime customer.


Depending on the companies goal of the user, I help build out sales funnels based off of that goal.

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