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Set up Your Business with Facebook

Set up Your Business with Facebook


You probably already have a personal facebook page, but if you have a business you want to make sure you have a facebook business page. To do that whne your logged in if you click the right corner you will see a tab that says create a page .. that is to create a business page!


Once your there it will ask you the type of business you are, name, etc. Then you will have an area to upload profile pictures and banner pictures these you want to make sure it represents your brand.


Once you have that you have your business facebook page set up.


Now if you want to run facebook ads you also need to create your business ads page. To do this go to and sign in, once you sign in it will take you for a few steps on getting your ads manager set up. Then if you want to run any facebook ads you will log in through your ads manager.


Once you have these its key to start marketing using facebook. Make sure your posting content daily, find what your audience likes… typically its:


Education, humer, inspiration


These are the top 3 post that get the most interest, but everyones target market is going to be different so test what works best for yours!


And your on your way with facebook.

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