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How to use instagram for your business

How to use instagram for your business


Instagram is a very popular platform, and its users are very visual so that is key! It builds an imagery of your business to its users. You want to make sure you are posting content daily, it is recommended 3 post a day on instagram.


However you also want to build your followers so engagement is key. Interacting with potential users liking, commenting, messaging, and friend-ing is key. Once you start to do this every day you will be able to start growing your followers.


Make sure to look at your analytics, when you do that you can check to see the type of content that does best for your business. Then you know to post the type of content that is getting the most likes!


If you want to grow your instagram more, investing in instagram ads can get you exposure to build your brand for it as well!


I help businesses grow their instagram account and also create content for social media so if you’d like help be sure to reach out!

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