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What is digital altitude

What is digital altitude?

 Digital altitude is a marketing company that helps entrepreneurs with personal development in Internet marketing.

Who founded digital altitude?

Digital altitude was founded by Michael force. Michael Forrest is a former Marine and Internet marketer. He put together marketing packages in a system known as digital altitude.

What are digital altitude products?

digital altitude main products consist of:
Aspire which is $37-$67 per month. With aSpire you get business training, life coaches, backend products, payroll services, networking, and support.

Base the base product is $397. It contains a digital business mastery course. It goes over how to set up business goals, financials, website, and branding.

Rise – rise is a $1997 as an advance version of the base level.

Ascend – Ascend is $6997 over the three-day workshop over business and profit material held in Las Vegas Nevada.

Peak – Peak is $11,997 it is a business prosper retreat and includes a five day event conferred to down our meeting with several business leaders and guest speakers.

Apex – apex that is a $19,997 consider the legacy experience. It takes is a seven-day all-inclusive retreat for two people where you will go ahead and spend time with investors experts leaders teaching you how to invest your money and climb for success.

Additional products of Digital Altitude:
Guru – this is tools for branding and social media a consist of headshot that he has and setting up social media

Inbound is  a content and blogs service getting content for your blog that can range in number from $15 to 15,000 per month.

Traffic in funnel – this is traffic packages to help you build your email list.

Digital Altitude compensation plan:

In digital altitude  there are 60 income streams. 19 income streams are residual. You must have the product in order to make the income.

Aspire – with aspire you earn 40% commission. The first tier of $37 and 60% commission on three tiers which will make you anywhere from $17 to 40 per month for every person you refer two aspire.

Base – with faith you make 60% commission with three tiers. This comes due to her $240 per person.

Rise – with rise you make 50% commission over three tiers. This comes to $899 per person.

Ascent – 60% commission which is anywhere from 4,250- 1900 per sale

peak – 60% which is anywhere from 7200- 4800

Apex 60 % commission which is anywhere from 12,000- 8,000 per sale

If you have not purchased that item and someone buys it it will go to your uplink. Then Digital Altitude also has a sales team that will close the sales for you, if Digital Altitude closes the sales for you then the commission goes down to 40%, as that sales person makes 20% of it.


Benefits of Digital Altitude:

Digital altitude has the entire system set up for you. So you can create a lifestyle of automation. They have the self team closing cells for you. And they have the system and final set up. The only thing you need to worry about is driving traffic to it. They also had a tear point product system for everybody this is a broad range of products that can help you earn commission wake up and everyone’s budget. If you’re looking to build your business online I highly recommend checking out his attitude. You can check it out for just one dollar at trial. It’s the right thing for you go ahead and make money after that a lot of people are succeeding with Digital Altitude.


Article: What is digital altitude

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